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20 things Cybersecurity Teams need to do better in 2020 – NaijaSecForce Edition

Cybersecurity remains a great concern and as cyber attacks continue to rise, Cybersecurity teams have the responsibility of protecting IT infrastutures, networks and data among others from cyber attacks. For...

Winning Your 'Arguments' with EDRs.

A recent client engagement had me thinking about ways to evade security tools that rely heavily on command line arguments. During a red team task, I wanted to dump the...


This article was written for eForensics Magazine

5 Creative Ways African Business Leaders can Tackle Cybersecurity Talent Shortage and Ever-Growing Brain Drain

Are you awake all-night thinking of the effects of Africa’s cybersecurity skills gap and rising brain drain on your team? It’s time to think differently.

There is a shell in your lunch-box

My team was recently engaged by a client (HackMe) to perform a black-box external penetration test. The objective was simple – see how susceptible the organization is from an external...